Vacuum Excavation

Non-destructive hydro-excavation or vacuum excavation techniques are widely accepted as the safest way to expose or excavate around underground services, but this does not necessarily mean that the process is slow. Vacuum excavation is only part of the process and part of the cost. Having your labour and equipment standing by is also a costly exercise.

Vac-U-Digga recognised this and developed equipment that is 3-5 times faster than most other equipment of similar horsepower available today. This is working for you whether you are hiring or buying a Vac-U-Digga vacuum excavator - don't take our word for it, put us to the test!

Vac-U-Digga is Australian made for tough Aussie conditions. Years of experience counts in both the operation and manufacture of equipment in Australia. Vac-U-Digga vacuum excavators are also supported by considerable research and development.

If your bottom line is as important to you as safety, Vac-U-Digga is the solution for you.

Vac-U-Digga's purpose-built fleet of vacuum excavators are proudly Queensland designed and manufactured.  Our vacuum excavation units are available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.  Units range from small 2WD and 4WD trucks to larger units, which all have capacity to operate within a 100m radius from the work site. 

Unlike other imported excavators in the Australian market, our vacuum excavation units have been designed to suit the Australian geography and soil conditions. Our Engineers have developed novel engineering solutions that deliver the fastest vacuum excavation rates which enables us to offer our clients competitive fixed contract, cubic meter, lineal metre or pothole rates.

Our operators have a diverse range of skills and experience, coupled with positive attitudes and a strong work ethic.  We pride ourselves on our outstanding performance regarding:

  • Customer service;
  • Health and safety; and
  • Protection of the environment

We have spent many years on rural and remote infrastructure projects in outback Australia.

We have spent over four years on rural remote infrastructure projects, including two and a half years on Leighton Contractors Nextgen Optic Fibre installation, nine months based at SANTOS between the Moomba and Jackson plants, six months in the Fairview, Roma and Wallumbilla Gas Fields for both SANTOS and APA Group (Origin). We can operate fully self-contained should this be a requirement.  Our knowledge of remote Australia allows us to access resources such as water for our excavation from Local Councils, Land Holders and the Dept. of Natural Resources and Mines.

Our remote work procedures and GPS monitoring systems enables our staff to work safely with the confidence that should help be required, effective communication is readily available. 

Our remote work systems can function independently or can be arranged to suit client requirements.

For further information on our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.