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Asset and cable location: why it needs to be up-to-the-minute

In July 2014 one of the worst excavation accidents this year occurred in New Jersey

The damage was horrific. One dead: six injured: one house completely destroyed: twenty left uninhabitable: another thirty four damaged. How did this happen?

A gas pipe was punctured while utility workers were repairing an electricity pipe. No one is quite sure how it happened. Two possibilities...

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Combo unit: mixing up vacuum excavation with cable location

By combining vacuum exaction with utility mapping, VAC Group can offer clients a more affordable solution for small jobs

Sometimes you come across a small job where all you want to do is locate a few underground services and verify the depths with vacuum excavation.

However, because of the cost to have a service locator and vacuum truck onsite for a short period of time it isn’t...

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Bob saw: when a rock saw meets vacuum excavation

VAC Group is always searching for the most effective solutions to deliver the best results for clients

Non-Destructive vacuum excavation is the recognised industry standard for safely exposing buried services. However, in many instances these services are located under asphalt or concrete pavements.

The removal of this surface layer is generally undertaken in a combined process...

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Cable locating, mapping and safe excavation

Utility location and mapping is the best way to ensure you know what’s beneath your feet

It’s important to know what utilities are under your feet for 2 reasons. One of these reasons is more pressing - it’s a matter of safety. The other reason is just an interesting observation that has been made time and again by a number of online news publications.

The more pressing reason...

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Protecting Underground Assets

Knowing what is beneath your feet can ensure a smoother construction schedule

To protect underground assets you need to know where they are, what they are and the most effective means of excavating.

Knowing this is about more than just protecting underground assets. It’s about gaining a better knowledge and understanding of managing and associated risks.

There are many...

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Pre-Construction Services: Or the Importance of Vacuum Excavation

Before Construction Begins You Must Know What Is Beneath Your Site

A library of literature already exists on the importance of knowing what’s beneath your site (we know because we’ve contributed to it). And yet, there are still accidents happening simply because people are not ensuring they have accurate data about what’s beneath their...

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VAC GROUP: or Getting the Best Solution for Your Construction Site

There Are a Range of Services VAC GROUP Can Help You With

VAC GROUP started in 2000 and is a company dedicated to providing clients with a range of solutions to protect the integrity of underground assets.

Are you looking to start construction but aren’t sure what’s beneath your feet?

Do you need work done, but don’t want to excavate speculative trial holes?

Are you...

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VAC GROUP’s Work at the Adelaide Airport

VAC GROUP Was Contracted To Carry Out Safe Excavation For A Water Feature At Adelaide Airport

In September, Mykra Building Services contracted VAC GROUP to conduct an excavation for a Water Feature.  This Water Feature is part of the new pedestrian plaza at the Adelaide Airport situated between the main...

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The VAC GROUP is developing and delivering our own Nationally Accredited Training Material

Two Years Ago The VAC GROUP Made The Decision To Invest In Staff Training

In 2011 The VAC GROUP management decided to invest in staff training. In order to achieve this goal, our management team hired a committed Learning and Development Manager. This was our first step on the road to becoming a...

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VAC GROUP works all over Australia to provide Clients with Solutions to Protect Underground Assets

VAC GROUP Provides Clients with a Range Of Services to Ensure the Integrity of Underground Assets Are Protected

It’s important to know what’s beneath your feet. 

For instance, in Queensland early this month what was believed to be human skull was unearthed during excavation on a property. As is standard...

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