The Vac Group is committed to protection of the environment. Our experience reflects our ability to develop innovative environmental management solutions that comply with environmental legislative requirements, meet client specific needs and achieve our environmental sustainability objectives.

We have developed and implement an Environmental Management System that is certified to ISO14001. Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes energy efficiency actions for our vehicle fleet, depots and offices which strive to minimise our carbon emissions. We pride ourselves on our resource recovery capability, waste management and water efficiency practices.

Conservation and sustainability principles and consideration of environmental factors has influenced many integral components of our business including fleet purchasing, unit manufacturing, recycling and wherever possible, beneficial re-use of resources.

Specific training programs are delivered to our operational workforce, to ensure a sound understanding of our environmental operating values, relevant legal obligations and the varied requirements of our Environmental Management Plans which reflect the specific environmental controls necessary to meet the needs of our many clients. Through these programs, Vac Group is continuing to develop a culture of efficiency and environmental awareness amongst all of our employees.

VAC GROUP's Environmental Policy Statement

The VAC Group provides its clients with solutions to protect the integrity of underground assets, by supplying underground asset location, mapping and safe excavation services.

We are committed to clean, healthy and ecologically sustainable environmental practices. As such, we recognise our responsibility to conduct all of our operations in a way which wherever practicable, eliminates or reduces the impact on the environment and its natural resources.

This environmental obligation is the responsibility of managers, supervisors and employees at every level within the company and will be achieved through the following:

  • Comply with the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Where adequate laws do not exist, we will adopt and apply standards that reflect this commitment;
  • Communicate openly with all regulatory bodies and stakeholders to resolve issues and ensure the development of an informed and balanced approach by our activities;
  • Ensure management are actively involved and provide demonstrated leadership to support continuous improvement in environmental performance;
  • Communicate and consult with employees and others, to increase their awareness of their environmental obligations and responsibilities;
  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental management systems and practices through a process of audit and review;
  • Investigate and ensure a prompt response to all work related environmental incidents and develop corrective actions to prevent recurrences;
  • Establishing objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of environmental incidents;
  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount of waste within our operations and support pollution prevention by our clients and suppliers; and
  • Adopt best available practices for the reduction of emissions to air, water and land and for the conservation of water and energy.