3000L Vacuum Truck 

(Sucker Trucks) for Hire

Vac u digga 3000L Vac truck hire

Contact VAC Group today on 1300 822 834 to hire one of our patented 3000L Vac-U-Digga with one of our professional operators today. We can discuss options and solutions for all your vacuum excavations needs.

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Our highly skilled vac truck operators, supported by our reputable Vac-U-Digga vac trucks for hire, can meet the demands of even the most complex requests. Our vac trucks have been designed in Australia to suit the Australian geography and soil conditions. Our Vac-U-Digga trucks are perfect to tackle any hydro excavations, non-destructive excavations, potholing, digging drains and removing earth around already laid pipes or cables, using a suction method and usually storing the earth inside the machine before relocating or replacing it. 

With office bases in Brisbane, Gold Coast Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, we can service your next vacuum excavation project anywhere in Australia. With our trusted and professional operators, you know you will be safe hands. The 3,000L hydro excavation units are available to hire 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. 

Vac Truck Hire across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Gladstone and Adelaide 

Specifically designed to suit Australian geography and soil conditions, VAC Group's patented 3,000L Vacuum Truck hire utilise high pressure water combined with vacuum technology to safely remove material from and around water, sewerage and gas pipes, telecommunication lines and any other underground assets. Our suction truck provides a safe, efficient and cost effective method of excavating around and exposing subsurface assets with an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability.

Vac u digga Sucker Truck hire
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Note: Certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZS 14001 is limited to South East Queensland Operations.

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