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Computer Aided Radar Tomography (CART) – the only product in Australia that delivers underground video. VAC Group servicing Brisbane, Gladstone, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

Infrastructure Obstacles – Making the Invisible, Visible

When it comes to excavation work, one of the biggest risks facing contractors, construction teams, councils and authorities alike, is the identification of underground utilities and damaging underground assets. One of the biggest contributing risk factors is a lack of accurate data relating to the exact location of all underground assets and infrastructure – this is especially true in major capitals and regional centres. Underground utility mapping records are frequently inaccurate, out of date, lost or non-existent. Excavation works can often be a case of trying to pick your way through an unknown maze of underground assets. Being able to see the underground network of services with a proven methodology to shape project designs around utility conflicts has been impossible until now.


Our solution is CART

Part of our ‘One stop shop’ solution unique to VAC Group is our 3-D technology Computer Assisted Radar Tomography – ‘CART’. CART provides a high resolution, fully navigable 3D imagery of the subsurface, depicting in high detail underground utility lines, buried objects, and other features with amazing clarity and accuracy. 

CART seamlessly integrates Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) hardware, Geophysical Diffraction Tomography (GDT) software, surveying, and Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) classifications. These processes are collected, analysed and integrated into a deliverable format which gives our clients a total picture of the subsurface infrastructure and accurate locations of underground assets.

Our Methodology

Typically, VAC Group will arrive on site, scan and collect comprehensive data from the designated area of the project. This will be performed in the main by our 3D Computer Assisted Radar Tomography; aided as needed with 2D GPR and EMI. This data is then interpreted by our skilled operators and converted into 3D imagery. 

The deliverables from the process will then be converted into multi-layer survey quality CAD format drawings that can be overlaid on current plans with satellite imagery to aid in the orientation and interpretation. 

Preliminary deliverables will be available for viewing by the client 3 – 5 days post scanning to identify mutual beneficial potholing locations to be performed by our specialised non-destructive digging equipment for ground proving and calibration purposes.

CART Deliverables

  • Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) file
  • Dated PDF drawings
  • Movie file of 3D Radar data

Some advantages of utilising CART on major projects and high utility conflict areas include but are not limited to:

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CART Advantages

  • We create “top down movies” at 1.0 cm depth slices from the surface to easily view the 3D GPR data.
  • Site survey coordinates are merged with CART results then displayed in CAD drawing at their real world positions – an unbelievable technical advantage for you.
  • Continuous coverage of underground utilities eliminates ‘guess’ work through interpolation.
  • 3D CART is essential information in detecting pipe installations by ‘trenching’ from the surface.All interpreted CART data is exported into CAD drawings with site survey control.
  • The ability to overlay CART data information into existing plans effectively and provide updated utility records.
  • VAC technology reduces the need for ‘blind’ digging and trenching by pinpointing the vicinity of utilities that can then be exposed by non-destructive vacuum excavation.
  • Access to information supplied through GPS coordinates and Total Robotic Survey station which enables the identification and pinpoint utility data at any stage in the project.
  • Ability to identify utility conflict areas during the design stage, effectively eradicating the need and costs associated with redesign.
  • Confidence in developing fixed cost quotation of works and elimination of budget blow outs.

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The Outcome

Supplying survey quality information facilitates better design, knowledge and confidence of utility information. This offers you the ability to make accurate cost and risk assessment decisions. This accurate information injected into your design further offers you the ability to force better tenders and drive project schedules.

VAC Group’s unique and creative, all embracing technology turns the “invisible into the visible” and our clients can visualise the unknown anomalies that need further investigation. The ability to identify these conflict areas at design stages effectively minimises the need and costs associated with redesign.

We are committed to providing you with solutions that minimise project risks and costs as well as enhance your confidence, accuracy and protection of underground assets. Call our team of experts today on 1300 822 834 to find out more about our 3D CART services or any of our other services.

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Note: Certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZS 14001 is limited to South East Queensland Operations.

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