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VAC Group – An Australian Success Story

Established back in 2000 with two men and one truck, VAC Group is a 100% Australian owned and operated company priding itself on being industry leaders in the provision of quality non-destructive vacuum excavation, underground asset location and mapping.

Since their humble beginnings, the company has expanded to accommodate over 155 staff, 85 vacuum excavation units, five electronic detection crews, and remain Australia’s only independently operated 3D radar for utility depiction.

Hyper vacuum trucks

Leaders in Technology and Education

With innovation and education at the forefront of all our operations, VAC Group has successfully developed and implemented a number of cutting-edge technologies, helping us to continue to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Developed by some of the leading minds in the Geophysical field, we’re proud of our trademarked Sparas and Latro technologies which utilise ground penetrating radar (GPR) to provide accurate data for quality 3D modelling of subsurface utility information.

In addition to these breakthroughs, VAC Group’s patented Soil Transfer technology has revolutionised on-site soil recycling and disposal, garnering positive attention and industry praise on both a national and international scale.

The educational branch of our business provides customised training solutions to companies, contractors, and sole traders in the construction industry. With access to a wide range of resources, affiliate programs, and up-to-date industry information, employers can enlist our training services to adequately induct new employees and up-skill their pre-existing staff.

We Care About Our Clients

VAC Group’s business model is built around supplying our clients with services crucial to the protection of their underground assets. These services include underground asset location, mapping, and safe, non-destructive excavation services. Our client base ranges from small business projects, civil and building works, right through to federal, state, and local government organisations undertaking major infrastructure projects.

We stand by our commitment to safety, the protection of the environment, and customer service. It is these fundamental pillars that form the basis of our motto - protecting underground assets.

Complete Service Solutions, Australia-Wide

With multiple offices conveniently situated throughout Australia, we’re readily available to service projects within any region, town, city or remote area. Our head office is in Brisbane, with supporting depots located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Rockhampton.

VAC Group – The One Stop Solution

With an array of technologies and specialised products, VAC Group can expertly apply a comprehensive one stop solution for our clients. Our wide-ranging services have been developed to assess and mitigate underground utility related risks associated with the design and construction of civil and infrastructure works. These one stop solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial Consultation 
  • Obtaining Relevant DBYD Plans
  • Electronic Location / 2D GPR
  • High Resolution 3-D imagery
  • Surface Removal of Asphalt / Concrete and Surface Removal
  • Backfill and Surface Reinstatement / PVC Marker Installation 

  • Non-destructive Excavation / Trenching / Potholing / Footing Excavation
  • Confined Space Entry / Equipment
  • Assistance in Pipe Laying / Pit and Pipe Installation
  • High Velocity Pipe Jetting
  • General Vacuum Removal / Pump Out and High-pressure Cleaning
  • Survey / CAD Mapping

    Vacuum truck, GPR and Bob Saw

    “When it comes to a non-destructive vacuum excavation, it’s not only about the overall size of the vehicle – there are a number of key factors that need to be taken into account. Together with factors such as tank/hopper capacities and vacuum pressure, there are also the critical issues relating to size, maneuverability, ease of use of the equipment and, perhaps most importantly. The operating costs.”

    Neil Costello, VAC Group’s Director

    Vacuum truck fleet and team of operators

    A Business Built on Its People

    At VAC Group, we know our people are the driving force behind our continued success and as such, view them as our most important and valued assets. The VAC Group experience, that has provided us with our competitive edge, boils down to the attitude of our team and the high-quality service they provide to our clients on every occasion.

    With an outlook to always find new ways that our services can be improved, we proactively approach clients for feedback on their experiences and regularly receive glowing recommendations about the way in which our vacuum excavation and utility location operators went that extra mile to ensure they were more than satisfied with the result.

    As the industry leader, VAC Group's Management System is independently certified

    • AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management
    • 14001 Environmental Management
    • 9001 Quality Management

    Our Industrial Instruments comply with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

    Service Areas

    For all your hydro excavation, non-destructive digging, utility location and mapping requirements Australia-wide look no further than the friendly, experienced team at VAC Group. We have offices situated nationwide across the following locations:

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    Our Hypervac 2+ and Hypervac 4+ non-destructive digging trucks are readily available for dispatch across Australia. Find out more.

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