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At VAC Group, the outstanding work of our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals have seen us become trusted partners to a wide variety of government, local government, utility provider and private sector clients, playing a vital role in delivering some of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects.

Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)

Our range of services and technologies allow our team of SUI locating technicians and Survey Engineers to map and pinpoint existing pipes, conduits, cables, and assets below the surface. All our deliverables are in line with the Australian Standards AS 5488-2013. Sectors for which our services are regularly engaged include:

Latro push cart GPR operator


VAC Group’s specialised team of Subsurface Utility Information Locating Technicians and survey Engineers have a wealth of experience working with numerous utility asset owners, state government and industry partners. By incorporating their in-depth knowledge with VAC Group’s trademarked ground penetrating radar technologies, they can expertly provide professional utility locating, mapping, visualisation, non-destructive digging (NDD or potholing), and verification services right across Australia.

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Investigation trench
Australian road


At VAC Group, we are technological world leaders in the high-speed capture of accurate data on base layer conditions within Australia’s road network. Our professional Earth Radar team use state-of-the-art systems, integrated with our own industry leading trademarked Sparas technology to create deliverables at resolutions with clarity not achievable through traditional techniques.

With systems specially designed to operate in Australia’s demanding environments at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour, we can provide services including road condition and layer assessment, environmental imaging, concrete scanning, and utility mapping – works that are essential to the ongoing, quality management of the road network.


With over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, VAC Group understands the importance of airport runway and taxiway assessments. With the use of our Sparas technology, designed for the quality capture of pavement layer conditions at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour, our technicians can provide accurate information to identify runway faults that have the potential to develop into serious, and costly problems.

The ability to cover large areas at speed is a major benefit to the airport industry where assessments need to be carried out in tight timeframes in order to minimise disruption to normal airline operations.

Specialty services our expert Earth Radar technicians can provide for the sector include surface characteristics and layer assessments - including Boeing roughness and groove closure assessments, ground penetrating radar, utility mapping, concrete investigations, and location services.

Airport runway


When it comes to non-destructive property investigations, VAC Group are the industry experts. With the use of modern technologies, including our Australian designed Latro 3D-ground penetrating radar, our professional services cover locating, surveying, mapping, visualisation, ground penetrating radar, non-destructive digging (NDD or potholing) and verification of existing site conditions. Our high-resolution, quality information allows our clients to minimize occurrences of damage, interference, and conflict with existing infrastructure.

Team performing a property inspection

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Having worked closely with rail corridor owners, VAC Group has built a reputation for the knowledgeable and expert provision of services including ballast layer assessment, structure investigations, concrete scanning, ground penetrating radar surveying, service locating, and mapping. Our expert SUI technicians, combined with our modern technologies can provide quality and precise data when investigating rail networks and infrastructure and, on the back of this, position pipes, rail lines, cables, and underground assets within the rail corridor.

Queensland Rail train
Darwin defence force truck


VAC Group’s specialised team at Earth Radar have successfully provided a range of services to the defence industry including the locating of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), magnetic gradiometer surveys, environmental imaging, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys, and service locating. With the use of our trademarked Latro 3D GPR push cart, we guarantee defence-specific services that are second to none, tailored to each individual project’s requirements.

Large minesite


Across Australia, VAC Group has partnered with state government agencies and resource sector companies in the mining industry to provide services such as rock profiling, service locating, ground penetrating radar surveying, and concrete scanning. Our cutting-edge technologies, that include the Latro 3D - ground penetrating radar system, present the mining sector with an alternative non-destructive solution for rapid, high-resolution subsurface intel gathering, which can be compiled by our experienced technicians to provide an ideal platform for clients to accurately judge the feasibility of a future mine site.

Port full of shipping containers


VAC Group works with port authorities, state government agencies and industry partners to provide our professional services at some of the largest and busiest ports across Australia. Safely complying to Australian standard and utilising modern in-house technologies and technicians, these services include surface characteristic assessments, pavement layering assessment, environmental imaging, ground penetrating radar surveying, concrete scanning, service locating, and mapping.

Service Areas

With over 20 years of industry experience, VAC Group are trusted partners to a wide variety of industry sectors right across Australia and New Zealand. From defence, to rail, airports, or mining, we have the expert technicians and the modern technologies to tailor-make a solution to meet your surface and subsurface investigation needs. you can find our expert services operate out of the following locations:

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