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VAC Group Air Excavation Equipment

Air Excavation services available across Brisbane, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney regions.

Air Excavation Equipment and Air Excavation Services

Exposing underground utilities safely

When you need to expose underground utilities safely, come to us for air excavation. At VAC Group, we serve areas such as Brisbane and Sydney with our air excavation equipment. With our range of dry vac trucks, you can take a non-destructive approach to move earth from your construction site. Featuring a team of 155 staff and 85 excavation machines, there isn't a challenge we can't meet.

At VAC Group, our approach to dry vac excavation aims for optimal safety and minimal disruption. In addition to using techniques that are less likely to cause harm to the local environment, our industrial dirt vacuums can reduce your costs. For a dependable air excavation service in Gladstone, Adelaide, and surrounding locations, come to us.

The benefits of using our air excavation equipment

When you're trying to expose underground utilities, maintaining safety is your first priority. For many years, those who provided such services would turn to mechanical equipment. However, with the evolution of dry vac trucks, you can now avoid the safety issues many engineers dread. For example:

  • Disturbing gas pipelines, which can result in leaks
  • Cutting through electrical lines, which can cause fatal accidents
  • Damaging other utilities, which then become expensive to repair

We believe our approach to dry vac excavation is minimally disruptive and non-destructive. By avoiding the use of potentially destructive machines, we can prevent the safety incidents above. What's more, we're the only organisation in Australia to possess an independently operated 3D radar for utility detection. As a result, the reports we hand to your contractors come with the utmost accuracy, allowing you to continue with your construction project.

Why we're the best when it comes to underground asset location using industrial dirt vacuums

With a vast selection of air excavation trucks, our team finds it easy to meet the project at hand. As we've been in service since 2000, we're also adept at pre-assessing the needs of those working in Brisbane, Gladstone, and surrounding areas.

At VAC Group, we've also built and designed Australia's largest collection of Vac-U-Diggas. While providing the highest vacuum excavation rates, which are often 3 to 5 times faster than other machines, they remain cost-effective. As a result, they're ideal for those projects where you need to move quickly. Our Vac-U-Diggas are available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An All-Australian team that delivers excellent outcomes

At VAC Group, we started out with just one truck and two operators. Today, our significantly sized workforce allows us to meet the demands of large projects in areas such as Adelaide and Sydney. As accuracy is important to us, we ensure our machine operators benefit from ongoing training. When you tell us about the area you're working in, we'll send out the right person for the job.


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Note: Certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZS 14001 is limited to South East Queensland Operations.

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VAC Group is Australia’s leaders in non-destructive digging, vacuum excavation, utility locating and underground services protection.




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