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Posted on 29 October, 2018

What is Earth Radar and how does it fit with the VAC Group family? 

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Caption: Earth Radar

Our advanced radar services are backed by the specialist team of engineers and scientists at Earth Radar, part of our VAC Group family, who provide the research, know-how, expertise, and technology that allow us to deliver world-class surface and subsurface asset solutions.

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“By utilising an internal team of radar specialists, including trained engineers and scientists, VAC Group has been able to execute innovation from beginning to end, starting at the idea stage and proceeding all the way through to development, testing, and eventual implementation,” said Ben Costello, VAC Group CEO.

The GPR and surface imaging systems developed by Earth Radar are pushing boundaries to provide greater penetration, detail, clarity and resolution. The ER team is responsible for a variety of innovative breakthroughs including the UtilitVision, PaveScout, Sparas, Latro, and the PaveVision, where these technologies are helping to significantly augment the accuracy, visualisation, efficiency, swiftness and safety of radar-related projects across Australia.

“We don’t just want to be the best in our field, we want to be at the forefront and in the driving seat of innovation within our field. That means constantly innovating new technologies and processes to augment our services, bolster safety, and discover new solutions, always aiming to push the envelope for the benefit of our clients.”

Earth Radar’s team of SUI Locating and Survey Technicians are experts in locating, verifying, mapping and modelling subsurface utilities and assets. All of our locators go through extensive training and mentorship programs before obtaining their Dial Before You Dig Accreditation. A detailed and accurate understanding around the SUI present on a site offers many benefits: it enables best practise, minimises risk to employees and others, mitigates damage to third party asset owners and reduces costly variations from unknown service conflicts.

Earth Radar’s deliverables are designed to clearly show the level of confidence to which the SUI shown has been determined. Using the AS 5488 classification standards, it is possible to quickly and easily understand the Quality Level of the data provided. This means we offer more than just paint on the ground; we offer a tailored deliverable that we will stand behind and take accountability for.

With a strong focus on efficiency and safety, our diverse solutions are changing the game when it comes to non-destructive digging and utility locating services. A big part of this focus surrounds the development and integration of new technologies, through careful R&D, while continuously expanding our fleet to cover more ground and service more regions. 

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