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Posted on 30 January, 2019

Potholing in Australia

VAC Group’s potholing equipment and hole digging services can help on projects across Australia

Potholing is gaining popularity across Australia 

Unlike the potholes that we avoid on main roads, potholing refers to an efficient non-destructive excavation solution that is used to dig down, locate, assess, and help repair underground utilities

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Understanding Potholing and Potholing Services in Brisbane and Sydney 

Potholing utilities can be a challenging aspect of any large or small civil works, mining and construction project. Potholing refers to a non-destructive digging process that uses vacuum excavation to dig precision holes over and around utility lines to expose them. The pressurised water breaks up the soil, and a sucker truck pulls the soil out of the area and funnels it into a holding tank. The correct potholing equipment can break through a variety of mediums including rock, hard soil and rigid stones.

After the digging process starts, a reputable company that offers hole digging services uses specialised equipment to get a clear picture of the buried cables, utility lines or pipes. They take this picture and all of the information they've gathered, and they're able to give you a clear report on where any hidden or buried lines are, and you can start your project in Melbourne or Gladstone without worrying about incurring more costs due to accidentally damaging or breaking these lines.

How We Fix Potholes in Sydney and Adelaide

We offer potholing services with an all-Australian team of 150 qualified staff and over 120 high-quality pieces of potholing equipment. With over a decade of industry experience, we've streamlined our potholing services and refined our technique. We start by travelling to your worksite in Brisbane or Melbourne and performing an assessment of the targeted area.

We'll bring all of the required equipment to break through the soil and get down to the buried utility lines or pipes to give you an accurate picture of what lies beneath your worksite. Once we give you this detailed plan, you'll be able to plan your project with respect to the buried or hidden utility lines.

We'll help you avoid incorrect signage indicating the utility lines as well as about avoiding potentially hazardous situations that can come with accidentally piercing a gas line and releasing it into the air. Additionally, our potholing services can help you avoid unexpected costs for repairing any damaged of broken lines and cables. This can save you time and help to keep your project on time and on budget.

When it comes to civil works, mining and construction, keeping your deadlines is critical to helping your overhead costs low, and this is what we can help you accomplish when you take advantage of our knowledge and experience when it comes to potholing utilities.

What's more, our hole digging services are non-destructive, and this is excellent news for projects that have tight or restricted spaces or a fragile ecosystem. Potholing is a precise method of digging, and we excel at it. It's also a cost-effective option for smaller companies or individual owner-operators who don't have a huge budget set aside for issues like broken utility lines or damage.


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