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Soil Removal is out - Soil Transfer is in!

Posted on 21 January, 2019

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Spoil removal is typically an expensive and inefficient use of spoil, time and money, but this all changes with VAC Group’s Soil Transfer system.

As Australia's leading soil removal service provider, we offer debris removal and dirt disposal throughout locations such as Brisbane and Melbourne. Our soil recycling services are available for a range of construction sites and complement our vacuum excavation efforts excellently.

Typically, soil removal is an expensive business – where sucker trucks turn spoil into a slurry and then transport it to a local dump. At VAC Group, we've generated a patented & innovative approach that simplifies this approach that is more cost effective for your next job as well as being more beneficial for the environment. Our fully-scalable approach to debris removal means that we can perform onsite spoil recycling in a matter of minutes, not hours.

What is Soil Transfer?

Instead of Soil Removal, when we complete a job, we collect the dirt and debris from our vacuum excavation work and transport it back to our closest Soil Transfer system station. At the station, our vac trucks are backed up into the plant area where the back hatch is then opened with the dirt and water drained into the system. Within the system, water and dirt are separated and cleaned through the machine, so the final product is a reusable spoil which we can use as fill for a variety of other projects. The water is also cleaned, purified and recycled in our vacuum excavation trucks and in our jet rodding technique, enabling us to reuse as much water as possible.

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What are the benefits of using Soil Transfer?

There are many benefits to using Soil Transfer as an alternative to soil removal.

  • Lowers costs
    Our Soil Transfer system saves you money as there are no long trips to the dump or dump fees associated. Not only do you save money on labour hire time but also on dumping costs.
  • More efficient
    Using the Soil Transfer system, we are able to unload spoil in as little as 8 minutes. Couple this with the fact that our vac trucks have a large intake capacity, your job can be complete in half the time.
  • Environmental benefits
    Traditional methods of soil removal require the contents to be dumped at landfill. This then piles up and does not decompose or is not reused for any other purpose. Soil Transfer eliminates this issue and is able to reuse any soil in some form in the future.

Why using VAC Group for soil recycling pays for itself:

At VAC Group, our ability to use a patented technology means that we can reduce the costs that a lot of other companies incur. Such costs often arise because their end product results in liquid waste, which the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) strictly regulates.

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