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Posted on 13 June, 2019

Benefits of Non Destructive Digging


Non destructive digging drastically reduces the risks associated with traditional excavation methods.

Non destructive digging is the way of the future for small scale excavation. Its able to reduce the regular risks of traditional excavation to almost none in Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs.

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Non destructive digging has been slowly growing in popularity in the construction industry as people continue to use and recommend it to others. Once you’ve used non destructive digging methods once, it's hard to go back to traditional methods of excavation. Non destructive digging is another name for vacuum excavation and aptly describes what it does. But how do you excavate without causing destruction?

Non destructive excavation removes soil and other ground materials using high pressure water and a suction hose. This ensures that the ground material is removed without damaging other foreign objects in the earth, such as water and gas lines. Non destructive digging is solving 21st century excavation problems with 21st century technology, instead of relying on traditional destructive excavation methods and hoping for the best. We’ve compiled the top five benefits of non destructive excavation here if you need any more convincing.

1. It has a range of diverse applications

The main use of non destructive excavation is utility locating. Sometimes called service locating and other times called asset detection, utility locating means finding an underground utility without damaging it. This is where non destructive digging becomes really useful, by using water to break up the earth the power of the pressure is enough to remove the earth but not powerful enough to damage utilities. From here workers are able to carry out works on the utilities.

Another great use for non destructive digging is in locations where traditional excavation methods can’t access. Examples of this are backyards that don’t have vehicle access, underneath structures with low clearance, and other locations where a truck or excavator won’t fit. Non destructive excavation equipment can be used up to 100 metres away from the truck so access is rarely an issue.

2. It’s cleaner and quieter

Non destructive digging is both cleaner and quieter than traditional excavation methods. This is a great benefit for excavation work in residential areas where noise and dust are a source of friction between workers and residents. Rather than the noise of a diesel machine and the metallic noises of traditional excavation non destructive excavation only has the relatively low noise of the pump and hose. As non destructive digging uses water, dust suppression is an instant, added benefit. This ensures that the impacts of the non destructive digging is limited strictly to the site of the excavation, rather than the neighbouring area as well.


Our team completing non destructive digging almost 50m from the Vac Truck.

3. It excavates accurately and precisely

Non destructive digging is an extremely precise method of excavation. Something that helps this is the fact the operator stands over the excavation as it happens and can make slight changes. Another helpful factor is the small scale of non destructive excavation. It may be a slightly longer process than traditional excavation methods, but it’s best used one smaller jobs where the time difference isn’t greatly felt. When using non destructive digging you know you’ll be able to manage your excavation at every step of the way.

4. It's cost effective

Non destructive digging is a cost effective method of excavation when you are dealing with unusual excavation sites. Think about the ones mentioned above, low clearance sites and sites with underground utilities. Non destructive excavation is able to safely excavate and transport the excavated materials away with one truck, whereas traditional excavation methods will charge extra to remove the material.

Also, traditional methods of excavation, while great for bigger straight forward projects, can triple your costs when excavating at an  an unusual site. If you hit a utility line when using destructive excavation methods you can potentially create an extremely dangerous site and harm the operator, and the costs of fixing the problems caused are not cheap. It’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with utility lines and difficult locations.

5. It’s safe

Non destructive digging is the safest method of excavation by far. When you consider the risks associated with other traditional methods of excavation the choice between them is easy. Non destructive excavation is able to eliminate the risk of utility line strikes, as well as minimise the potential for other site damage and risk of injury from traditional excavation. Non destructive digging is the safe way to excavate, especially when your unsure about what might be under the surface.


Vacuum trucks are a new way to complete non-destructive digging

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