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Posted on 30 January, 2019

The VAC Group Story: Innovating since 2000 

Just a few of the amazing staff powering VAC Group

VAC Group is powered by a passionate and incredibly talented team, comprised of over 200 employees.​

At the turn of the century, Neil Costello came across vacuum excavation technology in the United States, where at the time it was a somewhat underdeveloped technology. 

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The early days: 

After investigating the technology he encountred in America further, looking at the industry implications and identifying possible future uses, Neil identified a clear need for non-destructive excavation technology in the Australian market.

From his visit to the USA, Neil concluded that the technology he saw could be further innovated and augmented to deliver a suite of non-destructive and utility-focused services. Such innovation would prove to significantly mitigate the risk of dangerous line strikes, which at the time was a frequent and expensive occurrence in the industry.

To kick things off, the very first purchased equipment was VAC Tron Equipment out of Florida, soon after another Vac Truck was purchased. The team were quick to start their engines and soon landed a major contract with Transport Main Roads, working on the North Arm Intersection on the Sunshine Coast. From here the business started to flourish, with bigger and bigger clients calling in each month to request Vacuum Excavation Services.

Earth Radar offer an immense range of radar and locating services.

Expanding and diversifying services: 

While things were going well in the early 2000s, the team knew they needed to do more to grow and improve their operational scope. With this in mind, in 2002 VAC Group took a calculated leap and began building their own high-quality and custom-built units, tailored for Australia’s harsh and immensely diverse range of landscapes and environmental conditions. 

In the same year, the group further diversified within their field by introducing ground-penetrating radar services, powered by a hand-picked team of advanced radar and utility locating specialists, now known as Earth Radar.

More recently, one of the most significant pieces of technology to come through VAC Group’s innovative research and development centre has been the Latro, an innovative 3D GPR system utilising Noise-Modulated GPR (NM-GPR). Another significant innovation came in waste management, where VAC Group pioneered the revolutionary Soil Transfer System to mitigate costs, environmental concerns, and time when it comes to a project’s soil and waste disposal process. 

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Bolstering reputation and growing capacity:

With the help of a passionate, talented and dedicated cohort of employees, the VAC Group brand has led the Australian market in more ways than one. This reputation is validated time and time again as VAC Group are repeatedly awarded a variety of high profile projects across Australia, such as the massive Telstra Remediation Project (worth over $50,00,000 over 5 years).

Since 2001, the company has grown immensely, expanding from 4 employees in 2001 to 15 by 2005. Things started to really accelerate from here, where the company then exploded from 15 employees in 2005 to a whopping 150 by 2010, and then 200 by the end of 2015. The demand powering this employment growth also saw the VAC Truck stables grow year-on-year, from 2 trucks in 2001, 35 in 2005, to 80 in 2015, where the group now boasts over a hundred vehicles in their fleet. 

On top of all this, VAC Group has been empowering small businesses and sole traders by offering Vac Truck Units for sale across both Australia and New Zealand. VAC Group are so good at what they do, and so competitive in the industry, that they have no concern with helping others access their technology and recreate their services.

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