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Posted on 11 July, 2019

Underground service detection and non destructive excavation


Non destructive excavation and underground service detection saves time and money.

Excavation as an industry is developing and changing much slower than the rest of the construction industry, luckily though, there are some companies who are ahead of the technology trend.

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When you need to excavate the best way to go is underground service detection then non destructive excavation. There are many reasons for this, with a reduction in costs being paramount. When you’re non destructive excavation is able to excavate around underground utilities without damaging them.

Also, before you undergo any method of excavation you should always detect underground services. This will save you time and money when you’re digging as you know where you can and can’t go in order to protect the underground assets. When you’re excavating anywhere near buildings and roads there will be water, gas and electricity service lines under the surface, so caution is key.

Why underground service detection is an important first step

Underground service detection has to be the first step in any excavation. The risk of hitting something below the surface is always high, but when you have underground service detecting data before you dig, you’re more aware of what is under the surface. This can mean the difference between a day’s work and two weeks work.

Contacting the different service providers to access maps of their utilities is an arduous process that can take weeks and doesn’t consider historic services that are no longer in use. Often there are old water pipes that are no longer used but have the potential to damage excavating equipment. Aside from this the service provider’s maps can often be slightly inaccurate, which may not sound like much but can mean the difference between missing a gas pipe and breaking a gas pipe.

The bottom line is excavating without having up-to-date underground service detection data is not only putting your project at risk of delays and budget blowouts but risks the safety of yourself, your staff and the neighbouring area. The best option is always underground service detection and non destructive excavation for safety and efficiency.


Our team completing non destructive excavationon utility pipes.

Why non destructive excavation is the best way to excavate

Once you’ve completed your underground service detection your best option for excavation is the non destructive method. Using non destructive methods of excavation means you’re removing the constant risk of damaging underground utilities. Using either air or water to blast the earth you are providing just the right amount of pressure to break up the ground, without putting vital utilities at risk.

Non destructive excavation has been compared as slower than traditional destructive excavation but there are a number of things not factored into this. To start, non destructive excavation is easily transportable. Vacuum excavation units are attached to a truck so transport is included in getting the excavating equipment to site. They also suction the excavated waste back into the truck and which is taken away when the job is done, all of which makes for a faster excavation.

Non destructive excavation also drastically reduces the risk of utility damage, cutting the cost of delays and added repairs, as well as increasing productivity. In today’s world what is under the ground is often not what is written in a plan, thanks to constant infrastructure work and updates it is always safer to go with the method that will protect yourself and your employees.

Choose a company that makes underground service detecting and non destructive excavation a priority

At VAC Group we specialise in non destructive excavation and underground service detecting because we know what a difference it makes on the worksite. As worksites evolve we are moving with them to provide the latest vacuum excavation technologies and our team at Earth Radar are constantly innovating and creating new ways to detect underground services. Underground service detection and non destructive excavation work perfectly together, one is able to see under the surface and the other is able to protect what is under the surface.


Vacuum trucks are a new way to complete non-destructive digging

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