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Posted on 25 July, 2019

Which vacuum excavation truck is the best for your job?


Vac trucks are an essential excavation tool.

Picking which vac truck you need can be a tough decision. Not to mention the variety of brands and companies in the market these days. VAC Group Vac-U-Digga trucks are designed and made in Australia for Australian conditions.

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So you have some excavation work you need completed and you’ve chosen to go with vacuum excavation, great choice! We can’t stress enough the benefits of vacuum excavation, from being a cleaner, quicker option to the guaranteed safety around underground utilities you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Now that you’ve decided to excavate with a vac truck you need to know which size vac truck you need. To start, vac truck sizes don’t go off weight or length, instead they go off the size of the spoil tank. The spoil tank being the large tank in a vac truck is where all the excavated soil slurry goes. Different brands have different sizes but here at VAC Group we design and make 3,000L and 6,000L vac trucks.

When we were deciding which size spoil tank we were going to put onto our vac trucks during the design phase we knew we had to choose sizes that could be universally used. Because of this we decided on the two vac truck sizes, 3,000L and 6,000L, as they were far apart enough in size to be used for completely different jobs. Which means we're able to service any and all vacuum excavation jobs, big or small.

Benefits of the 3,000L vac truck

We made the 3,000L vac truck with the intention of it being used for common smaller jobs and on job that have a restricted access. This size vac truck is capable of completing multiple jobs such as excavating pier holes or post stump holes without needing to go back to the depot to empty it’s tank. 

Added benefits of VAC Group’s Australian designed and built vac trucks is their durability and speed. Although the 3,000L vac truck is half the size of the 6,000L vac truck it has the same powerful 3600 PSI water pump, which essentially translates to 32lt/min. If this means nothing to you, a standard shower head generally works at 20-50 PSI so the water pump on our vac truck has some serious power.

This power translates on the job site to higher productivity and faster job completion, all things a project manager loves to here. If access is an issue however, our vac trucks come equipped with extension hoses that can reach up to 100m from the vac truck. We’ve found the extension hoses to be an essential part of the vac truck as almost daily we are called out to a job that needs potholing or excavating done in an area with no vehicle access.


An area where extension hoses where essential.

Benefits of the 6,000L vac truck

Our 6,000L vac truck is the epitome of a workhorse. Designed to handle even the toughest conditions and largest projects, but still work fast and reliably, the 6,000L vac truck is built to last. When you need to hire a 6,000L vac truck you’ve got a big excavation project, such as when large section of underground utilities needs to be exposed to find a leak.

However, 6,000L vac trucks are also great to send out to multiple jobs in a day. If we have a few larger projects needing to be completed before the end of the day we’ll send out a 6,000L vac truck because we know that it won’t have to return to the depot until all the jobs are completed. This relieves the pressure on our more popular 3,000L vac trucks and allows them to complete multiple smaller jobs at the same rate.

We’ve found the 6,000L vac trucks perfectly compliment our 3,000L vac trucks and also open us up to a range of larger projects we wouldn’t be able to realistically take on with only 3,000L vac trucks. They are perfect for major construction projects in metro areas where there is limited space and multiple underground utility lines to contend with, as they are just as efficient as traditional excavation methods.

How do you choose which size vac truck you need?

When choosing which size vac truck you need to get your excavation job done in the most time and cost efficient way you need to consider a number of factors. To start, how much work is there to be completed? As we’ve touched, on different size projects need different sized vac trucks. Also, review the accessibility of the sight so we know what added equipment we may need to bring with us. When you are ready to hire a vac truck make sure you have as many measurements as you possibly can as well as details on the accessibility, to help us decide which truck will be best.


VAC Group's vacuum trucks come in two different sizes.

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