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VAC Group's Ground Penetrating 

Radar Services

Ground Penetrating Radar services available across Adelaide, Brisbane, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Rockhampton.

Why use a cable detector with surface penetrating radar technologies?

While we're big fans of hydro excavation at VAC Group, we appreciate that there are scenarios where GPR services convey lots of advantages.

For example:

  • If you need to detect hidden utilities beneath a concrete surface in Melbourne, we can use a radar cable detector to do so without disturbing the concrete itself
  • In addition to identifying the depth of your hidden utilities, our GPR services will highlight the horizontal elements
  • When it comes to sketching and mapping the location of hidden utilities, no form of technology will provide the same diversity as using a penetrating radar device

As you won't need to disrupt substances such as concrete when using our surface penetrating radar, you'll minimise costs in terms of being able to identify mains energy supplies and ensuring your project encounters minimal downtime when it comes to service disruption.

Why come to VAC Group for your cable detector services?

With a history of serving areas such as Brisbane, Gladstone, Adelaide, and beyond, our team is adept at delivering accuracy when it comes to using ground penetrating radars. With five electronic detection crews spread across our service locations, we're proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. In addition to using some of the best GPR services in the area, we're always developing new technologies. With our own patented approaches to hidden utility detection, we're the best in Australia.

At VAC Group, we maintain a strong focus on innovation and customer service. Our overall aims are to ensure we use our penetrating radars quickly, without compromising the quality of your project. By moving at speed, we can also reduce the number of costs you incur overall. Thanks to our array of technologies, we can also boast a 'one stop solution,' preventing the need for you to approach several contractors.

Cable Detector and Surface Penetrating Radar Services

Making the invisible - visible

When it comes to assuring accuracy in detecting underground utilities, few technologies can rival the use of a 3D radar. At VAC Group, we own and operate the only independent 3D radar for utility detection in Australia. Using ground-penetrating radar pulses to image the subsurface of your construction site in areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, and surrounding locales, we can detect an array of utilities. The utilities our teams are able to detect include electricity lines, gas pipes, water, and more.

With our cable detectors, we're able to take a non-destructive approach to identifying where utilities are. Our GPR services are similar to hydro excavation in the sense that they won't cause damage to the areas surrounding the utilities. As a result, you'll know where they are, without having to pay for expensive repairs. Our penetrating radar equipment can tackle difficult areas surrounding Gladstone, urban projects in Adelaide, and more.


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