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Hydro Excavation for Hire in Brisbane, Gladstone, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide

At VAC Group, our breadth of experience means we're able to use innovative techniques that our clients benefit from. With the success of your projects resting at the heart of our business, we always deliver excellent customer service. From landscaping and pipe laying to smaller projects, we're willing to take on most tasks.

Why choose VAC Group for your engineering and construction needs?

If you're looking for a non-destructive way to move soil, come to us for hydro excavation services. At VAC Group, our selection of hydrovac trucks eclipses the offerings of most companies in the Southern Hemisphere. With a team of 155 staff and over 120 excavation units, our hydro excavation equipment for hire in areas such as Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney as well as across Australia offer plenty in terms of diversity.

Our commitment to protecting underground assets throughout Australia means we take a meticulous approach to each of our projects. Whether you need us to work on difficult terrains surrounding Melbourne or flatter grounds, no project is beyond our reach.

Reasons to choose VAC Group for your hydro excavation truck

When you're managing a construction project that calls for a delicate approach, finding the right vacuum excavation equipment is essential. As a non-destructive means of moving soil and debris, hydro excavation uses high-pressured water to deliver careful results. While paying close attention to the safety aspects of disrupting utilities, we will use a hydrovac truck to ensure there is no damage to underground services during your construction efforts.

Amongst our hydro excavation equipment for hire is the Vac-U-Digga. Operating at speeds that are 3 to 5 times faster than most other hydro excavation trucks, it expedites the revealing of utilities without compromising safety or accuracy. If speed is important to you when it comes to vacuum excavation, the use of the Vac-U-Digga isn't an opportunity you should miss.

Finding a company that provides hydrovac trucks is about much more than sourcing machinery. You need a dependable team that understands the nature of your project. The VAC Group understands that rapidly revealing underground utilities will allow you to press ahead with your engineering project. As such, we prize on-time performance and communicate with you throughout our work. With clear communication, you have the chance to discuss the next phases of your construction project with other contractors accurately.

Sourcing state-of-the-art hydro excavation equipment for hire.

At VAC Group, we understand that hydro excavation trucks are always adapting. As a result, we make it our mission to incorporate the latest technologies into our business model. With every asset we acquire, your business stands to benefit. Whether you're potholling or installing signs, we'll use the right machine for the task at hand.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our engineers, your vacuum excavation project will benefit from novel solutions. With an extensive workforce, we're able to provide fair prices, including fixed cost projects that fit into your budget.

Addressing the true cost of vacuum excavation

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