VAC Group’s Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Making the Invisible – Visible

When it comes to effectively protecting and identifying underground utilities, ground penetrating radar (GPR) is the leading technology in use across the Australian construction industry.

At VAC Group, we proudly own and operate the only independent 3D ground penetrating radar for utility service location in Australia. Our in-house developed radar technology can provide accurate mapping of all underground utilities including electricity lines, gas pipes, telecommunications, and water. VAC Group’s ground penetrating radar technicians can be effectively dispatched to cover a range of construction project sites as well as roadways, airports, and any other areas boasting either a natural or paved surface.

The Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar can provide a complete picture of the subsurface of a site before any work takes place, allowing project managers to avoid any costly accidents or underground asset damage when excavation or construction commences. Some of the major benefits of VAC Group’s ground penetrating radar technology include:

  • Aside From Underground Utilities, GPR Can Detect Metals and Non-Metals, as Well as Any Voids or Irregularities That Note Further Investigation.

  • GPR Can Measure Overall Dimensions of Submerged Objects, as Well as Depth or Density and Layer Thickness of Pavements and Road Bases.
  • Large Areas Can Be Mapped Out in a Short Period of Time.
  • A Full Utility Mapping and Assessment of a Site’s Underground Integrity Can Be Completed Without the Need for Any Digging or Ground-Breaking.
  • GPR Technology is Safe for Use in Public.
  • GPR is Cost Saving in Its Operation and Can Reduce Project Costs by Ensuring Safe Excavation and Utility Safeguarding.
GPR trench cut - investigation trench

Take Advantage of VAC Group’s Ground Penetrating Radar Technology to Safeguard the Integrity of Your Underground Assets Today.

Our Trademarked Ground Penetrating Technology

VAC Group, through their specialised Earth Radar technicians, has successfully developed a range of sophisticated, world leading technologies to ensure our ground penetrating radar services remained at the forefront of the industry.

Our Sparas trademarked technology is a trailer mounted ground penetrating radar system that can accurately capture data whilst moving at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour. Learn more about Sparas here.

Offering a complete push-cart 3D ground penetrating radar solution, our Latro trademarked technology captures high-resolution mapping data, identifying underground features with survey grade accuracy from a single radar sweep. Learn more about Latro here.

Latro GRP push cart radar

Service Areas

Our expert ground penetrating radar technicians can be dispatched for projects right across Australia. With nationwide depots across the below locations, we can ensure a timely assessment of your site with our ground penetrating radar technology.

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