Potholing Services

Non-Destructive Potholing for Accurate, Australia-Wide Underground Utility Locating

Potholing is a non-destructive digging process involving the use of a vacuum excavation unit to dig holes across an area with the goal of accurately identifying and mapping underground utility locations. This method of excavation is one that has rapidly become the preferred means by which to perform underground utility location in the construction industry. This is due to the increased safety offered by the vacuum excavation process as well as the accuracy in which the potholing can be performed without the risk of causing any structural damage to the utility lines.

With over 20 years of industry experience, VAC Group has successfully carried out potholing on a range of projects right across Australia. From general civil construction works, to plumbing, electrical, roadway, and telecommunication networks, our non-destructive digging carried out by our Vac-U-Digga sucker trucks and expert operators can ensure you get the full picture of what’s going on beneath your feet.

The Non-Destructive Potholing Difference

With a comprehensive fleet of more than 120 vacuum excavation machines at our disposal, VAC Group provides complete and accurate potholing services. We will work closely with you to perform a full assessment of your site and provide accurate non-destructive digging and subsequent utility mapping information to ensure you avoid incorrect signage and avoid any potentially hazardous and costly situations that can arise from piercing any underground utility line or pipe.

Vacuum excavation work

Safeguard Your Underground Utilities With VAC Group’s Expert Australia-Wide Potholing and Utility Locating Services.

Vacuum excavation work

Potholing - Environmentally Sound and Budget Friendly

At VAC Group, we understand that potholing is a precise digging operation and pride ourselves on the high standard to which we can deliver. Our team can handle all manner of projects, including those that involve working with restricted space or access, or a fragile ecosystem with absolute care and expertise. Our top-of-the-line vacuum excavation units use pressurised water to break up the soil and funnel it into a holding tank, leaving all surrounding vegetation and underground assets intact. This efficient, time-saving, and accurate non-destructive digging process is an ideal, cost saving option for smaller companies and individual owner-operators, allowing them to minimise the risk of any damage to utility lines.

Service Areas

With VAC Group depots located across Australia, our technicians can respond quickly to undertake a project’s potholing requirements from any of the following base locations:

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