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Non-destructive digging, or vacuum excavation, has gained widespread acceptance in Australia as a fast, safe, and highly efficient method of working around underground utilities and pre-existing underground infrastructure. However, there are several associated costs which, until now, have been a significant price obstacle for many projects.

The vacuum excavation process makes use of pressurised water to break apart soil and debris converting it into a slurry that is then vacuumed away. The spoil from this method is a classified liquid waste and can cost significantly more for disposal than solid refuse waste due to strict EPA controls and limited disposal sites. VAC Group understood the Australia-wide need to address this and developed our own cost saving soil transfer alternative.

Vacuum truck dispensing waste soil

A Sustainable On-site Soil Reuse and Removal Solution

Our patented soil recovery and transfer system can provide a complete alternative solution to the productivity, costs, and environmental issues usually associated with vacuum excavation spoil disposal. VAC Group’s innovative soil reuse and removal system can be fully scaled across a variety of project sites across Australia, with complete set-ups usually fitted within a matter of hours.

Soil recycling schematic

How It Works

VAC Group’s soil transfer technology is a water and soil recovery system which processes excavated liquid waste, also known as slurry, to produce a material that can be reused as a spadable backfill on-site or once tested, across a different project location.

With over fifteen years spent on the technology development, the VAC Group soil transfer system is unlike any other on the market, receiving both national and world-wide recognition. The device is fully portable and can be housed on or close to construction project sites. This ability to retain a proximity to the non-destructive excavation work saves projects on both the time and logistical costs normally associated with transporting waste off-site to a spoil disposal depot.

Take Advantage of VAC Group’s Cutting-Edge on-Site Soil Reuse and Removal System, Perfect for Vacuum Excavation Spoil Disposal.

Soil transfer unit transportation

The Benefits of the Soil Transfer System

Saving upwards of 1.5 million litres of fuel per year, VAC Group’s soil transfer units can process up to ten tankers worth of soil waste safely on-site and provide you with a 100% beneficial soil reuse of vacuum excavation material. Other key advantages of the VAC Group soil reuse and removal system include:

  • Significant Reduction in the Total Number of Vehicles Travelling to and From the Site as Well as Physical Distance Needing to Be Covered by Vehicles
  • ​Up to 50% Reduction in NDE Cost on Major Projects
  • System Generated Spadable Material is Easier to Handle, Transport and Dispose of Correctly and Safely When Compared to Standard Liquid Waste.
  • Reduced Machine Operating Hours Resulting in a Lower Total C02 Emission Output
  • 3960 Tonnes of C02 per Unit Saved Across the Year
  • Water Removal From the Excavated Spoil Results in a Significant Decrease in Total Volume of Waste Material That Needs Handling
  • A Reduction in Incurred Waste Disposal Costs
  • Recycled Water Can Be Used for Vacuum Excavation
  • The on-Site Creation of Suitable Spadable Backfill Material

We pride ourselves on operating with effective policy to protect our enrionment. Click the link to download out Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.

Pollution incident and Soil Management Plan

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