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Precise Underground Services and Assets Detection Australia-Wide

The location of underground assets is vital for a project to ensure either the design, construction, or maintenance of a site can be carried out safely without being subject to either immediate or subsequent damage of utilities. The penetration of a cable or piping can be a costly exercise for project management and result in completion delays as well as expensive repair and potential insurance costs. VAC Group, utilising the experienced technicians in our Earth Radar team, can carry out comprehensive utility service locating and mapping across a range of sites and our vacuum excavation trucks where necessary can provide additional exploratory potholing to ensure you get a complete picture of the subsurface landscape.

Expert, Non-Invasive Underground Services Location

VAC Group makes use of both our vacuum excavation machinery and ground penetrating radar to ensure our clients receive a complete, Australia-wide utility locating service. We have partnered with federal, state, and local government, as well as private “blue chip” companies to undertake and deliver on numerous civil infrastructure projects and building works, providing accurate underground utility location mapping, and validating the data via non-destructive vacuum excavation.

Through the expert technicians at Earth Radar, we can provide both 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar across project sites throughout Australia. Our technicians make use of advanced surveying methods to ensure you receive complete and accurate subsurface data so that you can implement the appropriate safeguards into your project planning. VAC Group can also provide non-destructive digging and potholing should further exploration or utility confirmation be required.

Latro GRP operation

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Ground Penetrating Radar Technology

Our world-class range of Australian designed ground penetrating radar technologies are the ideal way to carry out underground utility location on all manner of sites.

Developed by Earth Radar, Latro is a push-cart 3D ground penetrating radar (3D GPR) system, able to provide scans with survey grade accuracy across site areas, road corridors, footpaths, and pavements. Unlike other ground penetrating radar systems on the market, Latro’s scanner is multi-directional meaning it can provide complete, detailed data from a single area sweep. Find out more about Latro here.

Trailer mounted and able to produce subsurface data at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour, the larger Sparas 3D GPR system is capable of scanning roadways, airport pavement, and other large, paved areas in a short amount of time. Both of our trademarked systems employ a sophisticated Noise Modulated GPR approach to provide enhanced collection speed, penetration depth, and data quality when compared to other conventional market technologies. Find out more about Sparas here.

Latro GRP radar

Service Areas

VAC Group’s expert underground utility location services can be used on projects right across Australia. With nationwide depots located across the below locations, we can ensure a timely assessment of your site with our exploratory non-destructive digging, advanced survey techniques, and ground penetrating radar technology.

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