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Vacuum excavation is the safest and most cost-effective means to excavate around utilities and other pre-existing underground infrastructure. For over 20 years, VAC Group has been at the forefront of providing quality vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging services Australia-wide. Regardless of whether vacuum excavation services are needed to provide utility locating, trenching, or simply general excavation for a civil construction project, VAC Group can guarantee to deliver you a flawless result.

Vacuum truck construction

Australian Made and Operated Vacuum Excavation Trucks

VAC Group doesn't only operate the best vacuum excavation machinery in Australia, we created it. In order to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in a timely, affordable manner, we developed vacuum excavation equipment that is three to five times faster than most other options of similar horsepower available in the market.

The top-of-the-line vacuum excavation fleet that we have at our disposal has steadily grown to become Australia’s largest. Our Vac-U-Diggas high quality vacuum excavation units are versatile enough to handle the toughest of Australian terrain, and our experienced vacuum truck operators can provide project engineering solutions that result in the fastest work output completed in a cost effective, environmentally friendly manner.

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Benefit From VAC Group’s Professional and Experienced Vacuum Truck Operators

We know that our business is built on our people, that is why our vacuum truck operators are expertly trained and possess a diverse range of skills and experience to provide our customers, with not only the best solutions, but the best service. The outstanding performance of our vacuum truck operators is built upon VAC Group’s proud dedication to customer service, health and safety, and the protection of the environment.

3000 Litre Hydro Excavation Unit

Our 3000 litre hydro excavation unit for hire is readily available for dispatch right across Australia. Find out more.

6000 Litre Hydro Excavation Unit

Our 6000 litre hydro excavation unit for hire is readily available for dispatch right across Australia. Find out more.


Our Hypervac 2+ and Hypervac 4+ non-destructive digging trucks are readily available for dispatch across Australia. Find out more.

Service Areas

At VAC Group, we have Australia’s largest fleet of vacuum excavation units available for immediate hire, with depots in several locations across Australia including:

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