Beneficial Soil Reuse  

Recycled Water - which is reused by the vacuum tankers in the non-destructive excavation process; and Recovered ‘Spade-able’ Material (solids) - which is either stockpiled ready for use on site following completion of the job or sent for disposal.

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Australia’s Leading Soil Reuse, Soil Transfer, Waste, Disposal and Soil Removal System

VAC Group has successfully developed a soil removal solution that addresses the productivity, environmental issues and high costs associated with logistics and disposal of excavated spoils. Our patented soil recovery and transfer system has been developed as a fully-scalable on site recycling and recovery solution that can be set up at most locations within a matter of hours.

Once operational, it is simply a matter of the vacuum excavation vehicles backing up the ramp and emptying the contents of the collection hopper into the Soil Transfer unit's receival hopper. From there, the excavated spoil - usually in the form of a slurry containing a high percentage of water - passes through a number of treatment processes where it is separated into two component streams, namely:

VAC Group’s waste disposal solution is an innovative Soil Transfer System

Addressing the true cost of vacuum excavation

Non-destructive vacuum excavation has now gained widespread acceptance in Australia as a fast, safe and highly efficient method of working around subsurface infrastructure. However, there are a number of associated costs which until now have been a significant price obstacle for many projects.

The site’s non-destructive vacuum excavation works is typically the cheapest component of the process and only accounts for around 25% of the total cost. The remaining 75% of the cost (give or take) is usually allocated to:

32.5% logistics – travelling to job sites and transporting spoil for disposal;

42.5% disposal – the most costly single component of the total cost.

The high cost of waste disposal is attributed to the nature of the vacuum excavation process which uses high pressure water to convert solids into a slurry and then vacuumed away. The spoils generated are classified as liquid waste which costs significantly more to dispose of than solid waste streams. This is because of strict EPA controls and the fact that liquid waste disposal sites are few and far between.

Major advantages in using VAC Group’s Soil Transfer System include:

Soil transfer system’s advantages

Each of our Soil Transfer Units can process the slurries from up to ten tankers on site. Our fleet of compact, high performance vacuum tankers can easily achieve the same waste removal results as a fleet of full size units with a comparative total tank capacity in a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Significant reduction in the total number of vehicles travelling to and from the site;
  • Significant reduction in the total number of kilometres travelled between the site and suitable disposal treatment facilities;
  • 'Spade-able' material is easier to handle, transport and dispose of correctly and safely in comparison to disposal of liquid waste;
  • Significant reduction in total machine operating hours and CO2 emissions released into the environment;
  • Significant reduction in the total volume of material needed to be handled achieved through the effective removal of water from excavated spoil;
  • Reduced waste disposal costs;
  • Recycled water used for vacuum excavation; and
  • On-site availability of suitable 'spade-able' fill material.

By using VAC Group's high performance Vac-U-Diggas and our innovative Soil Transfer System, we eliminate the need for tankers to travel back and forth to dispose of spoil within cleanup zones. 

Our vac trucks can remain in the cleanup zone rather than spending hours each day travelling in and out, meaning that disaster cleanup jobs can be completed faster and far cheaper than traditional methods.

Disaster clean-up applications

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Soil removal, disposal and soil reuse services available across Australia

We are committed to providing our clients with liquid waste disposal solutions that minimise both their project’s environmental impact and overall costs. To learn more about how VAC Group team can improve your vacuum excavation project’s productivity – and save you money, call us today on 1300 822 834. With offices in Gladstone, Brisbane, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide we can easily service soil removal and disposal works in metropolitan and remote locations throughout Australia.

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Note: Certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZS 14001 is limited to South East Queensland Operations.

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