VAC Group’s Latro Technology

The Complete Push-Cart Solution

For VAC Group, we are always looking for innovative ways to supply our clients with premier services crucial to underground asset protection. With this in mind, we established Earth Radar, a team of qualified experts who have worked tirelessly to bring about the development and creation of our Latro trademarked technology.

What Is Latro?

Our Latro trademarked technology is Australian designed and developed to be a complete push-cart subsurface reality capture solution. Combining our Earth Radar team’s world leading multi-channel & multi-directional 3D ground penetrating radar (3D-GPR) technology with survey grade positioning, the Latro system is capable of rapidly mapping high-resolution underground features to survey grade accuracies.

Latro push cart GPR

The Multi-Directional Point of Difference

One key feature of the Latro system is the way in which the multi-channel and multi-directional antenna configuration allows for a complete breakdown of assets, regardless of their directional layout in just a single scanning sweep. This cutting-edge method is a vast, time-saving, improvement on traditional GPR systems, which have a limited one-directional scanning capability. This means that multiple sweeps of an area are required in order to accurately get a complete picture of any underground, pipes, conduits and other utility assets or subsurface infrastructure.

Our Technology - Deeper, Faster, More Accurate

Sparas GPR technology


If you require access to a traffic-speed 3D-GPR capable of providing quality imaging for large scale paved areas and roadways, you can find out more about our Sparas technology here.

Latro push cart GPR


Looking for a complete push-cart solution for high-resolution subsurface mapping with survey grade accuracy? Find out more about Latro here.

Latro push cart GPR


Are you in need of a software platform that can accurately analyse and convert your 3D-GPR data into real-time subsurface utility mapping information? Find out more about UtiliVision here.

For a Complete, Timesaving Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Solution for Capturing and Processing Subsurface Data, See How VAC Group Can Help Today.

Superior Quality Imaging and Data

Through the integration of survey grade positioning, with the resulting 3D-GPR dataset generated by the Latro system, our qualified Earth Radar technicians will accurately and confidently provide you with comprehensive data for subsurface utility identification.

The Latro system has also been fitted with a line-scan camera and light-bar, enabling the capture of high-resolution imagery of the surface to accompany each GPR profile. By fully integrating this with the GPR data, it allows for complete scope of both the surface and subsurface features, enabling clients to accurately create and amend project plans from a single correlating set of information.

Service Areas

With the use of our Australian designed Latro technology, VAC Group’s expert Earth Radar team can provide accurate subsurface utility data and imaging to ensure you get a complete picture of the underground infrastructure of your project site. The services of our Earth Radar team can be arranged via any of the following VAC Group locations:

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