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To further expand upon the range of available services we can provide to our clients and as a means of remaining at the forefront of our industry, VAC Group created Earth Radar. A team, driven by some of the leading experts in the geophysical field, who have developed Sparas, one of our Australian designed in-house technologies.

Sparas ground penetrating technology

Sparas Technology System

Sparas, is a trailer mounted data collection system, incorporating 3D ground penetrating radar (3D-GPR) technology, that can generate highly detailed road imaging at speeds of up to 80 kilometres/hour. It utilises Earth Radar’s second-generation Noise-Modulated Ground Penetrating Radar (NM-GPR) with a robust array of ground-coupled antennas, enabling continuous highly detailed 3D measurements of subsurface features and road construction layers. The Sparas trademarked technology can provide accurate captures of pavement layer thicknesses and detect potential voids and defects on major roadways, airport pavements and any other large, paved surface.

Tried and Tested for Australia’s Unique Landscape

The Sparas array is a proven design that has been refined over a decade with more than 10 000 lane-kilometres of field use across a range of harsh Australian conditions. Subsurface measurements are georeferenced using real-time GPS positioning, IMU and an encoder wheel - with the additional ability to use a total station where required. Optional camera systems can then be added for continuous high-definition line scanning of the road surface and imagery of the road surrounds.

Our Technology - Deeper, Faster, More Accurate

Sparas GPR technology


If you require access to a traffic-speed 3D-GPR capable of providing quality imaging for large scale paved areas and roadways, you can find out more about our Sparas technology here.

Latro push cart GPR


Looking for a complete push-cart solution for high-resolution subsurface mapping with survey grade accuracy? Find out more about Latro here.

Latro push cart GPR


Are you in need of a software platform that can accurately analyse and convert your 3D-GPR data into real-time subsurface utility mapping information? Find out more about UtiliVision here.

Service Areas

In need of fast, efficient ground penetrating radar to cover a large area? We can help. With the use of our Australian designed Sparas technology, VAC Group’s expert Earth Radar team can ensure the safe and accurate imaging of roadway or large paved areas Australia-wide, and operate out of the following locations:

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