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For the team at VAC Group, offering complete solutions for our clients and their assets has always been our first and foremost priority which is why we established Earth Radar. Assembling a team of field technology specialists, we have been able to develop and proudly offer our clients UtiliVision. The UtiliVision software platform works in tandem with our trademarked Sparas and Latro technologies which utilise 3D ground penetrating radar (3D-GPR) to provide accurate data for quality 3D modelling of subsurface utility information.

UtiliVision 3D scan

UtiliVision – Specialist Software for Efficient Data Interpretation

The UtiliVision software platform, designed and developed in Australia, was created for the interpretation of 3D-GPR, specifically with subsurface utility mapping in mind. And while mapping subsurface utility information (SUI) was the primary goal in the development of the software, UtiliVision is also capable of mapping other unknown anomalies that warrant further investigation. All the imported GPR data is displayed in real-time in its true location and clients can choose to incorporate an aerial mapping layer into the background.

All-Inclusive Features

Included within the UtiliVision software is the ability to instantly switch between raw and migrated GPR data with the click of a button. All pipes, conduits, objects, and anomalies identified in the 3D-GPR data can be exported as .DXF files for incorporation into packages such as AutoCAD. An additional feature of UtiliVision includes built in visualisation tools that enable users to generate movies or image sets of the 3D-GPR data captured.

Our Technology - Deeper, Faster, More Accurate

Sparas GPR technology


If you require access to a traffic-speed 3D-GPR capable of providing quality imaging for large scale paved areas and roadways, you can find out more about our Sparas technology here.

Latro push cart GPR


Looking for a complete push-cart solution for high-resolution subsurface mapping with survey grade accuracy? Find out more about Latro here.

Latro push cart GPR


Are you in need of a software platform that can accurately analyse and convert your 3D-GPR data into real-time subsurface utility mapping information? Find out more about UtiliVision here.

Service Areas

VAC Group’s trademarked software platform UtiliVision can provide you with the most effective mapping of subsurface utility information that the market has to offer. If you have a construction or maintenance project in need of our services, you can reach out to us via any of the following office locations:

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