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Vac-U-Digga is Australian made for tough Aussie conditions. Learnings from years of project experience are accounted for in both the operation and manufacturing of our equipment in Australia. Vac-U-Digga vacuum excavators are also supported by considerable research and development.

If your bottom line is as important to you as safety, this is most certainly the solution for you. Vac-U-Digga's purpose-built fleet of vac trucks for sale are proudly Queensland-designed and manufactured. Units range from small 2WD and 4WD trucks to larger units, with the ability to operate within a 100m radius from the work site.

Unlike other imported excavators in the Australian market, our hydro vacuum excavators have been designed to suit the Australian geography and soil conditions. Our engineers have developed novel engineering solutions that deliver the fastest vacuum excavation rates, which enables us to offer our clients competitive fixed contract, cubic meter, lineal metre or pothole rates.

A vac truck built tough for tough situations

Vacuum excavator for sale
Vacuum excavator for sale

Need to buy a Vac-U-Digga to bulk up your fleet? You’re in the right place. VAC Group has used and sold many high-quality vacuum excavation units over the years across Australia. We offer a range of new and used Vac-U-Digga vac trucks for sale - the undisputed market leader.

VAC Group has built a solid reputation in new and used Vac-U-Digga sales. We are a respected destination for buying vac trucks throughout Australia.

Vac-U-Digga hire

We have 3,000L and 6,000L Vac-U-Digga sucker trucks for sale nationwide. If you have any questions regarding a vac dig for sales, please call us directly on 1300 822 834.

Vac-U-Digga Sales Australia-Wide

Vac-U-Digga Hire
vacuum truck maintenance
Vacuum excavator maintenance
Vacuum excavator maintenance
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Note: Certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZS 14001 is limited to South East Queensland Operations.

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