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Our experienced personnel are adept at locating and mapping utilities underground, using the latest technologies to ensure the most precise results, and are also proud to offer our clients professional topographical surveying and soil disposal. Each of our services are available in various locations around Australia, from Adelaide and Olympic Dam to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and in several other areas.

There are a few different choices when it comes to digging: manual labourers using shovels, which is very time-consuming; or perhaps a backhoe or other type of large machinery, which can cause extensive damage to unseen pipes or cables (that you’ll be paying to have fixed).

Instead of heavy machinery performing the dig invasively or inefficient manual labour, hydro excavation is a much safer and more efficient method. Using water at a very high pressure, the soil is broken up and can be vacuumed up into a tanker. Offering the lowest risk in regards to damage to underground wires and pipes, this is quickly becoming the preferred digging option.

When the project is finished, the site can be repaired a lot easier than if it were mechanically excavated, saving you time and money.

What is water excavation and what are the benefits?

From routine maintenance of underground assets through to planning and design of a new structure, it’s vital to know exactly what utility is where. Also, if you’re in need of a more careful approach to digging, nothing beats the high-pressure water excavation method. At VAC Group, we have a wealth of experience in locating and mapping out all types of utilities found underground, as well as hydro excavation – a non-destructive approach to digging that saves both time and money.


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